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FREE to SEND and RECEIVE money! Sign up takes 2 minutes. Earn $25 when you sign up (please click my referral link). Please Click This Link I sell pretty often on Forums and Ebay so I'm always looking for new ways to save my money from being eaten up by Paypal or Google Checkout (they started to charge in Feb). You can't have over $2500 in the account. For US residents only. Maximum sending limit is $1000 at a time. To send money you have to add money from your bank...
It's complicated. They do this to prevent innocent buyers/sellers from getting scammed or trying to prevent it as much as possible. Anyone can create a user name ans go on there requesting to buy or sell all sorts of things so they are trying to minimize fraudulent transactions. TPF has a lot more members compared to HF and the value of most designer handbags and shoes/accessories are usually much more than designer jeans so there is more risk involved. They don't do it to...
Not really. The color is not a Spring color and the current trend is moving towards a more structured look versus a slouchy hobo look. But keep in mind that you might not be able to find the Nimbus again because it was LE.
Here you go sweetie: Luna Boston | Asher Satchel Details Good luck!
Yeah, the MP is a privilege and it takes months for approvals even after you meet the minimum qualifications. The rest of the forum is very informative and active too.
I love yellow bags! These are super cute! Too bad it doesn't come in a nice green color.
Quote: Originally Posted by Annie2venus Some other things to think about City Pro: Looks more fun. the City is a good classic piece Con: Harder to take seriously Muse Pro: More professional looking, can fit a laptop plus documents Con: Depending on which size it can be a very heavy My 15.4 inch wide screen laptop fits in my City bag. Also want to agree that the Muse can get really heavy. B-bags are known to be super light (unless it...
LOL, shouldn't this be in the Handbag section??? I love Balenciaga so the City bag gets my vote. Also because I agree with Laurie that the Muse is an IT bag and I think it's sort of played out now. BUT, if you are planning to get the exact bags from those listings, go with the Muse because Taupe is a light color and the darkened handles will be very obvious. Plus if she likes structured bags, go with the Muse because 05 leather on B-bags are really soft and gives it a...
I would sell my non-existent left nut for a Prada Fairy bag but I've heard that there is a problem with the colors running and transferring Then again I think I just like it because I like James Jean's artwork, the bag itself is not that original. James Jean
CLs usually run 1/2-1 size small. CL Espadrilles usually are barely TTS when there is no strap in the back or 1/2 size down with the strap in the back.
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