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the account is stolen. so the money is being taken back by paypal. So I am out a handbag worth $1595 + tax and the payment she sent
***UPDATE*** I am told that this was actually a misunderstanding. The person mentioned in this post had their account shut down against their knowledge and I jumped to conclusion because I have been scammed before by other Ebayers. I want to publicly apologize for the accusation. Sorry again.
Aw....that really sucks! (PMed you some advice) *Hugs*
Here are a few below retail: $900 Chloe Handbag : The Turnabout Shoppe $750 Chloe Handbag : The Turnabout Shoppe Ann's Fabulous Finds
I would definitely look at Ebay listings. Handbag pricing is WAY down right now, they usually are lower during the Summer and right before X-mas. I would also take advantage of the Live.com 10-25% cash back offers. I've been seeing a lot of Chloe Paddingtons go for less than $1000 (most are $800-900) in colors such as grey, shades of browns, blue, and red. Have you tried these on in person? If not, I highly recommend that you do. These bags are super heavy! Good luck!
We have jeans galore in HM so you don't need to go shopping for more denim. The Iphone is going to be hard to get. Are you willing to camp out 3 days in advance? The LV will be the easiest one to acquire since it's always in stock.
Yes it is a referral link and I don't see anything wrong with that. You are welcome to sign up on your own but you will not receive the $25 bonus. I sell very frequently and always look for ways to reduce my fees. For example, I was the first one (according to Dave in an old thread) on HF to use Google Checkout and to recommend it to everyone. Just because I get money for it, doesn't mean that the service sucks.
Aw...the Nikki is sold out
I pronounce it Bah-len-see-ah-gah , I think it's the same way you two pronounce it, I guess I just spell it differently. Are your friends European (particularly from Spain/ Portugal)? I get a lot of crap for pronouncing things in it's foreign dialect than in "American English." Like I will say Bruschetta and make the ch sound like a "K" rather than a "shhh" sound because that's how the Italians pronounce it.
I think they're cute but it's not worth keeping if they don't fit. You will just be unhappy with how they look/feel and they will be worth less when you finally give up and try to sell it.
New Posts  All Forums: