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Quote: Originally Posted by BlueTagBoy I'm actually looking for a good bag (a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday). I don't want to spend too much as I don't really support her fetish to bags. But since it's her birthday, there's nothing I wish for her but to see her happy and I know that she would be if she would receive a bag from me. That would really be an achievement for her. Anyway, can anyone suggest where I can find affordable...
Thank you! Unfortunately I don't love them enough to pay $200
Did anyone get a pair of Matics in 26 or 27 that they don't want?
I went to try them on earlier this evening. They are rigid and fit TTS. I really like them and managed to sneak a couple phone pics but they came out looking blurry since I didn't want to get anyone in trouble. My SA emphasized they weren't allowed to show the jeans to anyone prior to the sale let alone give them to me to try on. They're cute and I want them for $50 but I wouldn't pay the 200% mark up on Ebay or HM (Oh you know you guys are going to! )
So this is what I have figured out from the Summer up until now. It's a long frustrating story but I wanted to give a heads up to everyone about a couple scammers based in the Phillipines: pollsout1014@gmail.com pollsout10144 mith8884@gmail.com airfree88 voivpearl14 sumbre22 DO NOT SHIP TO UNCONFIRMED ADDRESSES!! It is OK to ship to countries outside the US under certain circumstances and if you have expanded protection. Unfortunately I don't have much time to explain...
Please feel free to post sellers, buyers, or websites that are known to be scammers or selling fakes.
Could someone please authenticate these for me? Thank you! DIESEL INDUSTRY LOWKY B.C. JEAN SZ: W 26 - eBay (item 250296101130 end time Sep-21-08 14:40:02 PDT)
10 Things the 3G IPhone is missing (MSN/PCWorld) 10 Things the 3G iPhone is Still Missing - Page1 -Â* MSN Tech & Gadgets - Products It's true but it sounds like they are nit-picking
Is the IPhone worth it? I was in line with my BF yesterday and was guaranteed a phone but after an hour and about 15 people from getting one, we decided that it was completely unnecessary and left. My current phone and plan allows me to access the internet using 3G and I can connect it to my laptop to go online whenever wherever. The Iphone doesn't have the capability to connect my laptopn online so I decided to keep my current phone instead. Does anyone know another way...
What's extended protection? I am a Silver level Power Seller and the shipping I bought has full tracking.
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