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he's the mexican assassin! manny looked untouched the whole time! i bet he'll be philippines' next prez.
omg too funny!!!! this could be the new fat asian kid!! http://www.hiphopslam.com/news/g/030...atAsianKid.gif
this is my first time in the diesel section!! just wondering if anyone has heard of this sample sale in toronto. here's the facebook link: Login | Facebook i don't know if it's worth checking out. any thoughts?
^omg that pic! i'm literally dying of laughter!!!
hahah too funny!
wicked! i'll be in NYC that weekend too! maybe be we'll bump into each other my fellow mississaugan!
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma AF is a lot kinder than HF which lately is mostly sarcastic and rude. As HF slows down only the rude and ignorant people are left. A lot of my favorite members are now over on Af too. I visit both. I feel loyal to HF (I like the HF mall), but lately I spent a LOT more time on Af because it's just so damn slow here. i posted the same topic back in the day and this thread is likely to end how my post did....
^ lol. love the description! remember guys, u can be "shure this is only pear who you ever can buy"!
those are fake. crowns are too low, wash is off, wth kinda hang tag is that? oh and roths are flare.
july 11th is when i comes to canada!! fina-fucking-lly!!
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