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funny. clever. GENIUS!!
Fake imo. The blue label at the top right hand corner is stitched crookedly.
Quote: Originally Posted by twyla no i wouldn't wear fakes. sorry you had that happen how long ago was it? can you get your $ back? unfortunately i can't get my money back coz it was a long time ago. silly me i didn't realize it and take any action asap.
... wear your jeans if you found out they were fake (but not a noticeable one) after buying them on ebay? Sorry guys I'm not sure if this was a topic before. I'm just curious to know because I'm a victim of one. Thanks!
Yay we have the same jeans!! I just got mine too and I love them to death!! Lucky you though you got yours for more than half the price I paid for. I wanna see pics too!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lorna17 they look so nice they make your figure look great. are they TTS or did upi size up/down? They're tts but they were super long so I had hemmed to 33". Oh and thanks for all the compliments guys!! But now I'm wondering what colour of tops I would wear with it since the Rs are bright and yellow? Or does it even matter?
Yup, they're from aritzia. Such an impulse buy but I've been eyeing these for so long so I just bought it!
I'm so dumb with actual names.. but thanks leici!
Yes, these are Roths.
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyV Those look like Roths, I can't see the entire cut though. Costellos are tapered at the bottom. They look hot on you though! Raw is a nice wash. You're right the costello pics I see are narrower.. Anyway they're super long for me at the bottom coz it's a 36" inseam. I gotta hem it for sure.
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