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it could stand to be a little bit slimmer....maybe more towards the torso. I have a few BS jackets and his sizing is a bit off to say the least. I have had to tailor every single one of my jackets I purchase from Black Scissors because I am an XS and its still to big, so I feel your pain. However I have recently found out that he does make XXS in his jackets. He just doesn't list them. Message him about it.
checked out the site... sorry man I have no idea how you would go about ordering from them. Do you have a friend who could read korean... because other than that I don't know.
I actually just put one up in the Honest Mall. Go check it out.
Ross can you post pics of the grey jacket?
sorry to hear that anthony, but thanks for the heads up.
wow this is one old topic. Well since its back I was wondering if anyone has ever chosen to get the gray leather for their jacket? the guy still has no examples of the gray leather looks like.
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 G-star does make some true raw jeans, and some of their premium-line is selvage as well. My problem with gstar is that their designs tend to be a little too meta for my liking Yeah I can understand that. Hmm I guess no one really has a take on their denim.
I have been checking out various Raw denim forums but non seem to talk about G-Star as far as an option for raw. I am not expreienced with their jeans but do they just suck and no wants to bother with them? I saw a pair of gray waxed 3301 jeans... not sure if they are raw but they looked liked they were, and they seemed pretty nice. Anymore opinions on this brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by Texan3000 I never knew jskidder was bald! Haha you look a hott mess. No wonder you are such an ass. you're a bitch
thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have a lot to work with now.
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