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ever try hudson? they make some nice understated washes and have some skinnies out now. I love their bootcuts
they raised fees not long ago. they changed their fee structure too. I remember getting the email but forgot the details. I don't sell much on there anymore, and as a buyer i notice a lot of sellers charging higher s&h fees than before to partially compensate for the money lost in fees.. it sucks.
I guess they look a little tight in the butt but not bad. are they 100% cotton (rigid?)? they will probably loosen up a little as you wear them. Some people damp stretch their jeans- spray the butt/crotch/thigh area with a spray bottle filled with water (get the material damp, not soaking wet) and do lunges in them and stuff. Then when they air dry, they will be a little looser than when you first got them. don't do anything crazy or you might rip the jeans, and don't do...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grimalkin but girls are welcome i'm afraid i'm not up to HF's standards :P there were some gorgeous ladies posting here back in the day though... so we have a parisian, un milanese, a german...any americans? i never see men dressed like this in the suburbs of NY, that's for sure. keep up the good work!
This thread is from 2008! haha
Did you buy them from there from a seller with good feedback? What's the problem then? I'm just saying I have never seen R's made of standalone rhinestones without stitching AND the wash looks grainy in the pictures. However you did say you used an iphone camera so it could just be the camera quality as I said before, look on the tag and it will list the cut and style. you can then google them and find pictures to compare
sometimes sellers use pics of real jeans and send fakes. it sucks but it happens. if you paid with paypal you could file a dispute and try to get your money back, or maybe the seller takes returns?
anyway, pretty sure they are fakes. i have never seen the r's just rhinestones like that, there is usually some stitching, along the outside of the R's. I know they're pics from an iphone but to me the denim looks cheap and streaky and hte wash is questionable. I haven't kept up with recent R&R so I went to check things out but this pair looks much poorer in quality than what I'm used to seeing in R&R look at how they should look Womens -> View All Styles - Rock and...
doesn't it say the wash & style on the tag?
a lot of times sellers don't know (i.e. people reselling jeans that they bought off ebay that didn't fit them, of a brand they don't know too well). but plenty of times they do know and lie their asses off. . crowns were heavily faked
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