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I took my regular size and they stretch out to be a little loose in the butt/thigh. I could have sized down, but they were just too tight in the waist for my liking, even after the "stretch out" factor.
Quote: Originally Posted by staluckey I have med drifter in triple stitch and the tears havent gotten worse, I think it will depend on where you're knee is located though This is key! All of my jeans with distressing/holes are still in perfect condition, even with tons of wear (with the exception of 1 pair ). I had on a brand new pair of Sydey's in Motor Psycho and blew threw the distressing on BOTH knees within 2 hours...the distressing was...
The Heritage styles are running particularly long lately. Also "The Duke" wash is running longer, I'd say at least 35, probably closer to 36.
^^^Nope, I like them too! And you look freaking fantastic, as always! Seriously, move to California and become my site model!
Yes, they do. Here's a picture of a Joey. FYI, the pair pictured are stretch, so there is no distressing in the knee area. 1st picture: http://www.shop-acquiesce.com/Design...thing/home.php
My Rosie's and Johnny Cropped jacket.
Hubby has quite a few pair of Japanese denim and he LOVES them. If he could get all the washes and different stitching (Big T/Super T), he would probably ONLY get the japanese denim. We have a big slobbery dog, so washing jeans after every wear is necessary, and his japanese denim TR's hold up just as good as any of his other TR's or any other brand for that matter. They seem to be pretty durable even though they seem kind of thin.
They look amazing on you, AS ALWAYS!
Hehe! Thanks everyone! And for those of you who really DO hate them but still said something nice, you guys rule! Quote: Originally Posted by BillyGoat how could ANYTHING look bad on your butt!??!!? I like them. Coming from the hottie with the AMAZING body, I'll take that as a compliment! Woohoo! Quote: Originally Posted by romansmom731 I think they look great on you!!! You wear them well. The loop thing...
You can definitely do skinnies! I think they look great on you!
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