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probably should not go with henley or taylor either then b/c they're bootcut. they fit tight (esp henley) if you have big thighs.
i mean, obviously i think they're way overpriced. i still think they're nice though, as in i'd wear them a lot if i happened to have them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jimsmith Quote: Originally Posted by chhs houston? waco? ewww thats probably why you hate texas what par of austin did u live in and where in dallas are you living? i live in dallas right now haha , i lived in clear lake when i was in houston and lived in waco for college. i liked waco the best probably because i was in college. i live in southwest austin now (near 360/mopac). its not bad but i...
so jeans with the size sticker are fake? come to think of it, i dont recall seeing any size stickers on jeans at nordstroms or on any of the jeans i bought from online boutiques. hmm....
they are called studded henleys i think. its a really dark blue wash with gold dots filling up the R's and on the top of the back pocket. they're really cool, you can see them on the saks website. you can also buy them for $340!!! oh on the akira site, this wash looks much like the kerosene wash (with less wrinkles). is that true?
i use to want to get out of texas too, but after 4 years in the midwest i'd gladly go back! i don't know why you don't like houston, it's got great food, shopping, people, it's warm, and everything's cheap! lots to do there too (not really for tourists but for residents). by the way, san jose isn't really all that more interesting than houston. just a lot more asian folks up there.
Quote: Originally Posted by vandalofstyle I usually get my energie gold shirts from a boutique here in chicago, i picked up 5 for under 80 bucks. One was for 6.50 and retail was 190! The g-star a-pocket rocks. IMO Diesel Jeans, Energie shirts, G-star jackets. Has anyone seen their raw denim blazers and hoodies? Slick! where is this?
actually just kidding, the taylors are a bit looser, but its not by that much. dunno about floyds, but their washes are just awesome.
i own both a taylor and a henley, and honestly, i don't see an appreciable difference in terms of tightness in the thighs between the 2. i even layed one on top of the other and the boot cut was about the same. you should try them both on though to make sure... i was kind of disappointed that the henley wasnt tighter =(
my (gay) friend from LA says you must wear male thongs with low rise jeans in fact, i'll do you a favor and link you to one right here! http://teddygirl.com/tuxedothong.html
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