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Quote: Originally Posted by avatar INTERNET=SERIOUS BUSINESS dont tell me. speak for yourselves
Quote: Originally Posted by shelley Where did m1lk go? Did the caboose get loose on his train of thought? more like HF tends to get butthurt over small things.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose I know your trying to be funny, in an ironic pertending to be an internet dipshit kind of way, but it's really not that funny . . . then again maybe I've just seen to much of that kind of "humor" in the misc section of bodybuilding.com But work on your act and it could lead to good places and +1's from me. I enjoy a good internet asshole as much as anyone else hhaha i love it I have been training bjj/muay...
Quote: Originally Posted by casey60622 Page 1 Namibian/lion diatribe lifted from elsewhere. nice rebuttal you 2nd tier dipshit. I would never involve my real life/my family's on the fucking internet. However, i would gladly fight someone from it to test my skills b/c in real life no one will fight me b/c I am too intimidating physically and mentally
Quote: Originally Posted by casey60622 Gosh darn it...I have read too many plagiarized papers...I can spot it in a heartbeat. Just googled the Nambian bit...My Notebook ...also posted on some other forums. I'm not paying $9.95 for unoriginal work. [mod edit - crude and vulgar]
just fyi: I have relatives from not so far back that were nimibian tribesman. they happen to have fought lions just to become warriors. I dont know what you know about lions but they aren't like your average cat. I bet you would absolutely shit yourself if you ever saw a real life lion.. especially if you were only holding a sharpened stick and you were naked. come talk to me when some of your family members have gone on the zambutu bibjano; aka the trial of life. until...
if this is something you think that is funny or if you think this is a hoax, you should be ashamed of yourself. i can guarantee if you say that in public, people are going to kick your ass. on top of that, this is the prime reason why men are labeled as arrogant jackasses and you are the leading cause of it all, so next time you look in a mirror, think how much it would hurt to have your eyes gouge out and your tongue sheared off, cause quite frankly, i would do so.
Quote: Originally Posted by cruel_angel oh! the hypebeasts must be all over this look~ tone down the disrespect. im on 2 grams of test a week, and a gram of tren.
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r wtf.. 2 pairs of denim? WHY? haha been working on the ev's, gotta break in the diors
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