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During the Frankie B sale on June 25th I placed an order on a pair of shorts. They sent a 'order processed' email and charged me soon after. Not another word. Finally, yesterday I decided to send an email inquiring when my order would ship, since it had been 18 days with nothing. I received this email in response: "Unfortunately, this style was not received. Frankie B was actually sold out. I will have to credit your card back the money. My apologies." I mean, were...
Maybe write something on the inside tag like "fake" than donate to goodwill. I've heard of people doing silly things like cutting off the pockets before donating, but I think that's a little pointless.
Jeez $18?? I wish I had seen this earlier!
I really like my IUD, I also have Mirena. I've never had kids however so the initial placement was extremly painful (which is why they don't recommend it). After 3 months I stopped having periods completely. I haven't gained any weight. The only thing I miss from the pill is the acne relief, mirena doesn't seem to help at all with that!
First time posting pics of myself! Two things I learned: I suck at taking pics of myself, and the hall mirror REALLY needs to be cleaned. Gift from bf 8rr: 8ee from lorna (thanks!):
A jean warehouse? Are you sure they're legit? If you like the fit besides the flare just crop them. I doubt you'll be able to sell them for what you paid but you could try.
Could it be extra dry skin? I had something similar as the weather changed all around my mouth, but regular extra strong face lotion seems to be taking care of it.
Thanks biodiesel!
Any help with the matics on the bottom of the last page? Please?
Sorry if this is obvious, I'm very new to diesel. Real matics? Thanks! Didn't realize the tag pic was so small, I can add a link if needed.
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