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My Fiji Studded A's ripped the first time I put them on... I really think that this particular style has a serious problem.
I want to see these! Flynts are my favorite!
They look tight to me (although it may just be the way you're standing), but you should see if they stretch out.
The size 23s are made for the asian market only I believe. There are quite a few stores here (Japan) that sell them, but since we (at least where I live) don't have a lot of the newer styles, and crystals on your jeans aren't really something that you would see that much here, I don't know about getting any of those styles.
The BIN is wrecked.
Hmmm... I like 'em. I wonder if Jenny would be willing to make some for me...
Is it just me or does it look like she's wearing men's jeans?
I vote for a cropped cardigan or a long wool coat. Also, I think you should go with pink or plum tights. And I LOVE those shoes! Where did you get them?
Aaah, thanks for posting those pics! I've been trying to decide whether or not to get those, because I've only seen them on models, and that doesn't count, and no one has really discussed them. As for how you look? Well, I've decided to get those now-- does that answer your question? ^_^ How does the sizing run?
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