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Still no respond from the guy. What is the best option to dispute? Do I just file a non receiving item? I paid with his money request; and not an invoice nor went through ebay.
First, thank you all for reading and help. I recently bought a pair of shoes from a member here on HF. He was quick in respond between communication at first. But after I sent the payment, he only replied back once saying he will ship the shoes out right away. He never got back to me again and it's now been a week. He sent me a money request for good; and I paid directly with paypal. What is the best way to go about this with paypal dispute?? Thank you Beeka
Have any one purchased anything from them before??? I'm interested in some of the jeans; but......
How about this website http://www.uscodeshop.com/ ??? Is it legit ???
Thanks All . @Tavishc.. please keep us updated .. Thankssss
Are they legit and have anyone ordered from them before??? Thanks http://www.jeansonlinestock.com/
A customer claim the jeans i'm sold to him is fake; and I need everyone's help to authenticate this jeans so the costumer can see for himself. Please help Thank you Authentic Rock & Republic - TAYLOR - DRAD DORADO -- 38 - eBay (item 220484452717 end time Dec-16-09 19:12:10 PST)
My brother got me a diesel jacket/hoody and and the tag says SIXIBBO jacket white. But I can't google it anywhere on the web. I was hoping our Diesel's experts know more about it. Thanks
THEY ARE 1000000% FAKE... The back pocket is off. The leather tag should come with the denim string, not a fiber string.
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