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If anyone buys these I would re-check with the seller about the measurments. She emailed me saying it was 14.5 waist lying flat and a 32 inch inseam which seems way off for a 29!
I have found that the dark vapor fits tts size. I normally wear a large 25 small 26 so I thought I could wear a size 25 white crsytal crown. To make a long story short it wasn't happening and had to sell them.
I had a Mod look at those last night because I wasn't sure and she said FAKE!!!
I just got my first pair of Scorps and they are Uranium too and I felt the same way lol. I wasn't really sure what I thought of them either but I have decided I love them. Hang onto them they look GREAT on you! Quote: Originally Posted by callire I just got these from wangz09 (thanks!), but I can't decide if they look good or not I think they make my portportions look all funky, but I've wanted some scorpions forever.... So, I don't know. 'Scuse the...
size 25 and thank you everyone for all of your help!
ooops sorry they are Madrids.
I am trying to find out what a good price for nwt Lime Green Crowns with the original long inseam and are not irregulars would be because I don't think that I will make back what I paid for them??? Thanks for all of your help!
I got a size 25 because I have Plasma Wicked Roths in size 25 that fit and from all of my research the Roths are tts so I confused...lol
They are really snug..boo hoo Does this mean that I should go up a size for my next pair of crowns? I don't have any were to try Rocks on so I am winging and going by measurements only. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
xsmall if they have any
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