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minika, can i raid your closet for one day?! simple yet elegant outfit!! A plus o.
wasn't my birthday, but it was a friends birthday. mm cupcakes.
thank you everyone!! finally got my internet back and had some pw issues but its all resolved.. pictures coming soon!! dee-oso.. i'm always available, whatcha need?! lol.
happy birthday pretty! weee, virgo's rock!
Quote: Originally Posted by compulsive Anna (anuish143) & Maria (nutrageous). I miss them victoria, i miss you too! where are your waywt's?! i'll have one for my birthday soon
LOL seriously?! i swore you told me you were filipino.. hehe, whoops.
Quote: Originally Posted by bennyy bro put a real shirt on. haha that's what i said! p.s. johnny, your chucks are still ugly! lol.
minika, you're beautiful! p.s. she's filipino.. correct me if i'm wrong
New Posts  All Forums: