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ive been to the woodbury outlet a few times, and to the one in PA.......the woodbury one was WAY better. I got all sorts of jeans & skirts for $80 each time ive gone. yes, most are irregular for that price. but for $80 i dont really care! i think the selection just depends on the timing...like ANY outlet store!!!
im with ya callire.....ive stuck to my ban!!! i havent even worn any of the jeans i purchased a while back....i need to list some things...i have been so lazy! blah
omg dieselsmomma......i LOVE that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and just when i thought i was over coach.......)
nice deal!!
i think ive been really good...havent bought jeans in weeks!! havent really been shopping much either. my best friend came home from fl for a week....so ive been spending money going out to eat with her...but i think thats ok!!
ew those are terrible!
i wouldnt rely on their feedback! there are alot of sellers that have 100% feedback and still sell fakes! i dont understand why he cant get you pics of the actual jean? thats shady imo....
whoa those are bad!!
aw im sorry annie! its def ok to break the ban for that!
^ i know i hear ya! they will go much faster on ebay, look at it that way!! ive been good since the outlets......still no purchases!! prob will be on a ban for a few months because i just found out i was preggers!!!! yay! (i wanted a shower curtain yesterday and my dh said to save the $20 to put towards a pair of tr's for the little one!! hahahahaha) so my next purchase will prob be maternity jeans! EEK! callire i got the jeans in the mail today!! the rip...
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