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Happy holidays!!!!
^And so what? This community brings denim aficionados together who help each other, isn't that the point? Not whether Dave is the all knowing god of denim/fashion or not. He chooses to spend his time imo on more important things in this world and that is great. More people should do that, including myself.
Happy b-day!
Not really, but this one from that site looks cool:
^Courtney's jeans are Juicy Couture
Quote: Originally Posted by WeLoveDenim Audrina Patridge in black denim I think these might be divine rights of denim because of the backpockets..but not 100% sure.. would be another wash of course, but because she's promoting the brand it might not be available yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by SevenKid0505 I understand about half of what those people are saying, leading me to believe that simply looking at a website from Amsterdam makes a person high.
Some pics of the madness in Amsterdam! (scroll down) Diesel Dirty Thirty denims uitverkocht in anderhalf uur! - Cc:live
Happy Birthday Dave!! Hope you have a great day!!
Revolve! For the free shipping and the many coupons..
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