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maybe! anyone going to be at popsikle this weekend??
so there was a thread awhile back featuring a website that had patterns/directions on how to sew/cut/transform regular non-fitted t-shirts into trendier up to date styled tops. anyone remember this site? earth day is coming up and i want to spruce up the plain tee work has required us to wear into something a little more fun.
yeah i just got it at an awesome deal so i was really excited on wearing it but couldn't figure how i'd even begin to make it work that's why i posted. if not it'll just sit in my closet for a little while longer. but if anyone figures out how i possibly could please post!
how can i make this dress work in an interview? any input and suggestions? tia
hah finally! it's been bugging me all day and i spend a good hour already trying to google and youtube it. thanks begret that's it!
i always hear it on the radio and now i have the lyrics stuck in my head. someone help me figure what it's called and who it's by. its a pretty old dance/remix song with lyrics--- "what do you remember? do you... do you? what do you remember...."
nm i just answered my own question. mod if you could please delete this thread thanks
so i was at off 5th earlier today and found these white ankle length skinnies with zip pockets and zippers long the ankles. what are there and any idea where i can find them for under $80?? tia!
so i remember a member posted a thread awhile back regarding dying her hair with henna. it's suppose to be better for your hair condition and well as color results? i was thinking about trying this, but where on earth do i find it?
i have a cocktail/secret santa/holiday party thing tomorrow night. i was thinking about wearing this theory top as a dress. it's longer on me than shown here in the pic. how could i dress this up? i was thinking with some black stilletoes. any thoughts on jewelry/makeup/hair/accessories? it's realyl dark grey so i don't want to be lost in pics while everyone else is in color. tia! and happy holidays everyone!
New Posts  All Forums: