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/\ ya i've really been liking these names too! wearing washes called things like gunmetal and whiskey creek makes me feel tough
his butt doesn't even look that good anyway...
i want those! they're really cute
hey 360 is my home area code! it's way north of seattle, just a bunch of small towns in the mountains...and my mom said they didn't even have freeway access for a few days so she might be telling the truth
that show is craaaaazy! it just keeps getting better and better...i'm so addicted!
joeys were meant for you!!! they look great
i've learned that if you're chipper and friendly you earn lots and lots of bonus points! good luck
hmmmm interesting...
/\ haha me too! love rebel yell, it's so comfy
dang those look good on you! i had these jeans and i LOVED them...then i got desperate for some $, and sold em
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