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Looking good everyone. First post in a long time. Monochromatic for me. H&M Nudie Slim Jim Dry Black Coated Rachel Comey webb oxford-amazing, link here RACHEL COMEY Webb Toe Cap Oxford in Black Leather at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Sorry about the crappy Iphone pic.
Does anyone know how an asos tee would fit compared to an aa tee? Thanks
Hey, I have been really into the look of the new scoop neck or u-neck men's tees. I have found some put out by the company endovanera below: ENDOVANERA Portrait Tee in Black at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! http://ns1.revolveclothing.com/image...DO-MS13_V1.jpg Does anybody know of some other companies putting out shirts with this cut? Help is much appreciated. Thanks
The title of this thread makes it sound like we're fucking wizards or something.
I am looking to pick up a new necklace, and I ran across this one by digby and iona. I am pretty sure it is unisex. What do you think of this piece? BBlessing :: Oxidized Brass & Silver Lost Love Compass
California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban - Los Angeles Times CA supreme court for the win!
You misspelled hi.
I actually had them shipped from the swear official website based in london. (read: expensive shipping)
edited above.
additional shot for avatar: I don't usually wear al black, I swear! Jumacse AA Tee Thanaz 89s Swear Dean
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