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YouTube - two minute new knight rider preview YES!
lol was one of the better ones.
^ lord help me........
Quote: Originally Posted by barbie_az yes, the TR's are 100% authentic..i don't buy fake....jeans well played LOL!
Quote: Originally Posted by poiuyt123 Valentine 1 is really good but courtzzzz69 said she wanted something around the $250 range so id say for $50 more,the escort 8500 x50 is the best for that price range. agreed. Those are the two best out right now.
you look hot!!
Quote: Originally Posted by shopprncs JD-You are sooooo hot. Good luck keeping the men from drooling on you. No kidding!! Hot DAMN!!! I need a cold shower now.
Long drive. I used to make trips through MI a lot and that was always relaxing. I need to do more of that type of driving again.
Yea but major studios are offering their movies in HD-DVD format. Notice how Transformers is only available for HD-DVD and not blu-ray?
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