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I got it put clicked on the id before opening - person is supposedly banned so I just deleted the pm without opening
All in all I received my jeans and they are perfect! And party is going to figure out the paypal transfer on her own - she was a good seller and didnt do anything wrong. I just got nervous about the request for sending money. Thanks everyone for advice on dealing with this!
Well I received the jeans today and havent heard from partyinyourpants since posting this thread. Hopefully everything turns out okay...
Edited - removed name and email address.
That is why I was nervous - she doesnt want to refund me until I pay her (2) for the same reason I dont want to pay without my refund. I did pm her a link to this thread so all input is appreciated!
I'm not sure how to proceed with this as it's all not making sense to me. Check out the pm's between me and seller: Hi Melanie- I'm sorry, I'm so lame. I set up a new paypal but forgot I had one. Can you please send the payment to my other paypal acct? I can issue a refund right away, too. Sorry about the hassle! Did you get your jeans yet? --- Originally Posted by mellow2424 I'm not sure...
For #2, here is an additional tag pic: http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t...t/DSC03183.jpg
Thanks Kelly! I was thrown off by the claims of authenticity and tips on authenticating by the #3 - but then saw she had 5 identical sets!
hey guys! It's been ages but I'm in the market for some new denim and juicy. Are there any reputable juicy sellers on ebay these days? Your help is always appreciated! TIA Juicy: Brand new with tags Juicy Couture terry suit size small - eBay (item 120264616599 end time May-28-08 18:32:56 PDT) JUICY Couture zip up hoodie pink sweater SMALL - eBay (item 130225930203 end time May-31-08 23:00:40 PDT) NWT Juicy Couture Terry Navy Blue Pants Hoodie Small S - eBay (item...
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