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So, I am trying on my new (with tags on) light mercer straights to wear last night and I bend over to get my shoes out of the closet and the damn things rip up the butt and across the thigh. They weren't even tight. Fitted, but not any more so than my other pairs. What a freakin' waste of money?! I emailed SFAM customer service, and I guess I will see what happens. Has anyone had experience dealing with SFAM on something like this???
1. 2. Thanks so much!!
I have both capri and amsterdam gauchos. I don't think I need both, but I can't decide if I want to keep one or none or both!
Thanks! Trying to decide what to do with mine!
Thank god. I didn't realize they had been fakes though! Good to know!!!
eBay: Seven for all Mankind Bootcut Jeans Size 31 (item 130119257627 end time Jun-02-07 17:41:00 PDT) I forgot to set my sniper, and I think I am going to be sick if these are real.
Can someone help me find some SFAM sz 33's? My cousin just lost some weight and is really wanting a pair of designer jeans. I need a wash or style that runs big, and I knew the MNEX's do. What other styles did they release the 33 in????? AND can someone help me find these???? P.S. She wants full-length jeans only right now. THanks guys!!!
I think they look fine, but let me know. Thanks!
Are they stretch and how do they run???
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