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I just started using LM primer and tinted moisturizer, and I want to love them, but I'm not sure I do yet.
^^^ A. I agree. I'd love to know how well actual sales are going in the new mall. B. I want your dog.
Sadly, this lawsuit doesn't shock me even a little bit. Their ad campaign is painfully close to kiddy porn, and who's concept do you think that was? As for having the right to wear what you want to work when it is your company, I think that unless you work alone, it is grossly disrespectful to attend meetings wearing only a sock. That alone is grounds for a hefty sexual harassment suit. I get that people are kidding around in this thread, and I also feel the need to...
Congratulations on the baby! Here's the only tidbit I've got on designer denim: a pregnant friend of mine bought a pair of Paige maternity jeans and after wearing them twice, decided that they were too uncomfortable to wear again... Now, I'm a huge Paige fan, so it pains me to be typing this.
I thought you were starting a thread to discuss World War Two. Need coffee...
Not so recently, I went on an unofficial laundry and house cleaning strike. My vacuum cleaner broke a while back, and I took that as a sign and gladly ran with it. Yesterday I reached my breaking point when I noticed that my wardrobe lived exclusively in various piles around my house, there was enough dog hair on the floor to create at least 3 more pugs, the scent from my sink grew repellent enough that I no longer wished to enter my kitchen, the bed I had set up for my...
I've been on the hunt for tall boots with a tiny circumference, and so far, nothing. Most of the smaller circumference boots measure 13", and my calves are 11". Any ideas? I've been trying the pull on strechy kind, and even those are too big for my mutant legs. Has anyone had boots taken in? Is it better to try alterations with zipper boots or pull on boots? Thanks for any advice!
Quote: Originally Posted by maddiconner Give me 5 places you'd like to see in the next 10 years Greece Amsterdam Australia South Africa My G spot -- I don't need to actually see it. Gimme your 5 favorite dessert items.
Gimme 5 things you'd never do in front of your significant other.. Make out with an ex Go #2 Pick my nose Eat beef jerky Watch America's Next Top Model Gimme 5 movies you are embarrassed to love...
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