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Awww they are so precious!!!! There are resemblance between the girls and the big bro How cute! I actually don't mind you posting their pics every two weeks hehe. I love baby pics
A thank you card and a starbucks gift card
I actually think the size of the watch is perfect for a guy's wrist. It's a really nice watch Maybe he'll like it
Hahaha, NEVER! Even after I grew out of it I'll frame it in up and put it on the wall Hahaha.
^^ Heck no! I love those, so rare and pretty! I'm selling the white ones that I got when there was a craze for crowns Thanks again for getting me those! I LOVE THEM TO BITS!
Thanks girls! Just wanted to make sure
Is the a patch sewn on the inside of the distressing under the left pocket? And is there a distressing that looks like a running thread on the bottom left leg? I have a pair of LA dark vapor that has those and I got them from metropark. I'm currently trying to sell a pair of dark vapor white crystal crowns and it has those two things on it too. Are these flaws or completely part of the dark vapor wash? Thanks.
Haha evelyn But aren't you a size 24 hun?
Congratulations Marie!! They are gorgeous!! I definately want more pics of them!
Check out Cheri's pics and do a comparison, sorry i'm no help.. I think yours may be pink, cuz the color looks a lot lighter. http://www.honestforum.com/rock-repu...our-r-r-d.html
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