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Agree with Vee, definately fake! I miss u Vee! Hahaha. I should post more :P
takusa!!! U totally creeped me out! WT FREAK! I don't think I'll be sleeping without my blanket over the top of my face tonight...
I think they look pretty together Maybe you can wear a shinny necklace to bring some shinny-ness to the top part of the outfit. P/s ur dress and ur shoes are gorgeous!
no problem glad I can help.
Ok, got it for sure 帝 : supreme ruler, emperor; god
"huang" "di" means Emperor or King. But that word by itself "di", which is on your top, I'm not sure. 皇帝 huáng dì emperor 黃帝 黄帝 Huáng dì Yellow Emperor So "di" itself still means emperor.
Aww sry to hear about this apryl! You're gorgeous and we all here agree so All the best on your exams
Quote: Originally Posted by yelnats Before After aww stanley you look so pretty as a girl too!
Quote: Originally Posted by mkuts89 is it me or do you lookk completely different person in both pic? Hehe I don't think it's you....l had different hair colore.. went from black to semi blonde...
I actually didn't realized that I lost all my grad pics until I read this thread... and started looking for mine... dang digital cam... I didn't bother developing the pics... and had them just saved on my comp... I must have forgotten to back them up when I reformatted my comp :'( But here goes, the few that I have gotten from the Bf... Not prom night, but the picture taking night Prom night, sry.. couldn't find full length pic...
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