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U look gorgeous Apryl!
I guess they are easier to imitate since they are like what? iron on Rs?
Quote: Originally Posted by kula ^arrg I applied this yr lol gimme some info! a frd of mines in your class i think haha Hehe. What are you taking right now? The interview invites will be out in mid June or so. The upcoming month will be a stressful one Pm if you need more to know about anything. What's your friend's name? I probably know him/her since pharm is quite a tight knitted faculty.
Quote: Originally Posted by luckee26 what?? only took you three years???????????/ garr haha Hrm you can apply after first year but I didn't know for sure that I wanted to go that route till second year. But it is an extra 4 years of pharm school ontop of the two years that I did before that.
Not intending to offend anybody but I didn't think he was hot or had a good body. He has an OK body but when he was walking in slow- mo holding his surf board while the ladies was admiring his bod... I can't help but notice that he's sorta jiggly... lol... his pecs were not firm... haha... I think I uttered a couple "eww's" mcsteamy still has my vote as having the hottest, to die for body * faints * BUT it is really cool that he goes to ur school designerdesire
Quote: Originally Posted by MISTIKMACK after 6.5yrs of college & bullshit or should i say bullshiting in college...i finally graduated from school. proud Rutgers alum! now i work for a pharmaceutical company (Merck) doing biotech work. oh, and work sux! i need to win the lottery or find a rich woman, lol. Ooooo how's working at Merck? I finished hs and went straight to university. I did two years of sciences and made it into...
Quote: Originally Posted by compulsive ^He's a guy I'm talking to. :P Not lovers, LOL. But thanks JD! <3 Opps my bad my bad but nonetheless Yum YUM to those butts! I'm sucha e perv!
Ooo Vee you and your lover's butts look hot together!
Sildenafil or Viagra - Blue metallic Rs or something like that. HEHEHE.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus Is everyone else still wearing their jeans? The only ones I'll rock during 25 degrees Celsius + weather is jean skirts. Is it getting real hot in TO? I was downtown today in my jeans and I am definately not loving the heat my legs :S
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