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I personally do not think that the alpha wash stretch much if at all. MIne's snug and it has been like that ever since I bought them.
Quote: Originally Posted by hot_chocolate Jodeee...ahhhh you going back in June??? So am I!!! Which part of Malaysia? I'lll be in KL for a week or so ~ July 1 ish, then I'll be visiting other places. Hehe where will you be? We can meet up or something eh? Haha. Thanks everyone for their sweet comments. And ceb you look really cute in the dress hehe.
cowgurl: I love your boots! They are soo cute and boo to Vancouver weird weather! I hope we get more sunshine in the next few days. Thanks lorna and compulsive for the nice comments. And Ooo Lorna, I love your primp top! You have such cute outfits! Apryl, I am in need for a hair cut! They are quite long now actually hahaha... I need to get rid of it before going back to Malaysia in a month. cordslikethis: Yep the bag is from Aldo hehehe. They are so cute and hold...
I'm glad this is actually brought up. I had a very bad expreriece with igotthat777 even before he joined the forum. When he first joined the forum, I noticed, I also noticed that he switched his name to NYC E.S later on. I wasn't too happy about it but nonetheless, we don't discriminate anyone in this forum. For the time that he's been with us, I've never associate with him, never said anything bad about him etc because I really don't want to deal with him ever again....
What I wore last night for a bday party. I'm so going against the norm of the style lately. Me still in winter mode haha. This is due to the unpredictable Vancouver weather I'm wearing VS Military Jacket Siren top and Jacob cardigan underneath (not shown) RR White Madrid Crowns Aldo Shoes
They look good to me as well. BUt wait for Cheri
Love ya eve for tryin!
urm... not anymore... apparently someone else got it in the 2 minutes that I was away from the phone.... Psst... either the first person who helped me made a mistake about their stock, or the second person I spoke too was being lazy OR someone actually bought it... Have fun at the beach Eve!
Hehe silly me.. I didn't read the second page of this thread... when I did, you've responded... Hehe.
Ooo eve! You girls are making me want them soooo bad. Now now, please tell me where you get them! Get them for meeee!
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