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Those are nice! Thank God I'm over the crowns phase.
Boo I missed it....
Thanks everyone! Yay my first star and it's cuz of Beanie! 98CLchick: I'm sorry about your bunnie... I am dreading the day when she'll be the past too.... I'm trying to just enjoy her as much as I can now. I think bunnies are the only pets that I'll ever have... They're smart little things! My bunni stomps her feet when she's NOT happy... Did yours do that too?
COngrats!!! So gorgeous! Definately reminds me of Gizmokat.. WHere is she btw?
My Bunni, real name Beanie, what we call her: Beanie baby, Bean or Bean bean Bean when we first got her Bean now Me either fallen asleep or sniffing her :P Me playing with Bean. She looks like a lion here.. Bean going down steps
Quote: Originally Posted by kakemono This is my cat: Marmalade Her hobbies include killing little rabbits that get in our strawberry patch. This is two seperate occasions in the last week. . . Really? Rabbits?? I was.... just... gonna... post.. pics of... my bunni.... Poor things..... I thought Cat only attacks rats etc.. but rabbits?...
Awww Vee, you're so pretty! Woolus, i likey your style! Adrian, I'm suuuure that is not your corn pops :P. Loves the TR on you btw!
Quote: Originally Posted by Elfine ooh! i'll be in KL & genting highlands around the same time too.. =) Awww, me, you and Apryl should so totally meet up or something! superock, such cute pics!!!
real! Such great price too! Get it!!! I wish it was my size.
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