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Those gwens look so awesome on you!!!! What a deal! Now please buy me the purple spoff dress!?
Depends on how much you'll be charging. Hehe. How much will you be asking for the chrissy crop in 23?
OO Annie! I love LOVE the Blue faux suede platforms! So hot! What a deal eh?
^^ Kwongers I got mine in the states too!! For a speedy 30 it is $620. To me this look real.... but check on tpf next time. Alll the best on your search!
Quote: Originally Posted by yelnats Very NICE Stanley VERY NICE
Isaiah Washington off Grey's Anatomy : TV News : TV : Entertainment : Sympatico / MSN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s been rumoured since he made boneheaded remarks on the set of Grey’s Anatomy earlier this season; now it’s official: Isaiah Washington will not return to the medical drama next season. Washington’s publicist, Howard Bragman, confirmed that his client got the call from ABC early yesterday morning,...
They look so good on ya apryl!
Is this the rack in downtown seattle? I was there on Sat and I tried on the monte carlo crowns! Maybe it's the exact same pair!
Aww I'm so sorry to hear that caterpillar.... Like the others have suggested, contact the RR headoffice and fill up the replacement forms. They will probably do something about it if not replace it with a new pair. All the best!
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