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Close up full body just for fun sakes
Oooo I like!
Did you get any to re sell?
^^ Ohh that sucks! Hehehe. O wells! Hehe I know saving up for one is the hardest part. Just try avoiding buying 4-5 pairs of jeans? Hehehe. THat's what I did... I've been avoiding honestmall! Hehe
COngrats Marie ONE MORE TIME! Your girls are adorable! I'm also so in love with Leon! hehe cute kids! I wanna babysit them!
^^ the speedy is $620 usd. I'm not sure if speedy in Azur has been faked. I know the speedy in the mono canvas has been faked a lot. Nonetheless, knowing that yours is authentic is all it matters! GET ONE it holds a lot!
Quote: Originally Posted by jyk congrats on your anniversary and goodies! the pomme d'amour vernis is so pretty and you can't go wrong with a pti wallet. i love my red vernis pti but i'm in lust with yours! beautiful purchases~ Hehe it is actually a pochette wallet in pomme. But I agree pomme is a gorgeous color! I'm glad I now own one thing from both lines! Quote: Originally Posted by aquablueness oh my gosh i have...
Thanks everyone for sharing my happiness!!! I'm loving them both! I just got some apple cleaner and protector in the mail! Can't wait to spray these on! Quote: Originally Posted by lizlikeshugs Yay! You finally got the Azur Speedy! I thought you picked it up from Seattle though Hehe. LOOOoong story. I got my speedy shipped from oregon to seattle. So I picked it up there but I later found out that there's something on the handles that I didn't...
Here are my babies! My sweet SA gave my LV bag a raincoat since I do live in Rainy Vancouver. TADAaaa!!! My Azur Speedy 30 The second one coming up! Welcome my Pomme D'amour Pochette Wallet Finally the couple pics! P/s: I should give credit to the bf. He got me the speedy for our 5th year anniversary. He's definately a keeper bugger!
Or try wedges, those will look really cute with the jeans!
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