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jeff- There are no deals in Vancouver but you can get guys jeans from BoysCo and Holt Renfrew. They have an ok selection. denim_addict: I'll most likely be staying at the Downtown Marriot located at 333 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California 90071 USA. Is that pretty central to most of the major attractions? I heard the attractions are quite spread out. THANKS!
Hi guys, I have been inactive for a very long time but now I'm back. Unfortunately I gained a little bit of weight and I need new jeans now haha. I'll be going to LA in a month and is hoping that you guys can tell me where to go shop for jeans in LA for a deal! I'm from Canada and we do not get deals that often so I can't wait to go to the states and pick up a few pairs!!!
They do look tight.... imo.... If you don't feel comfortable in them then don't keep them.
Aww msDee I want your stuff!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM! They look AWESOME on you btw!
Quote: Originally Posted by Miss H OMG Miss H, did you get RR boots too? How much were those?
LOL... maybe some other forum members picked up some 23/24 *fingers crossed* (not that i need anymore jeans really)
Argh kimi!!!! I wish you'd gone
What I wore last week for Bday dinner out. I'm wearing silver chain RR. Dress I wore to Pharmacy Gala 07
It's a minimum of 13 bucks shipping to Canada... with a max of 6 bottles.
Quote: Originally Posted by maddiconner ^ I love your dress. It's not just for Halloween, is it? Haha... no.. I wore it to a wedding once. I was going to be tinkelbell but was too cheap to buy her outfit.. so I just slapped on some wings, tied my hair up and sup up my flats.. Hehe.
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