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First of all, the tags are sewn on with the same color as the tag, orange. REAL Juicy, tags are sewn on with the same color as the garment. Second, The zipper is off. The part that attaches itself to the circular hang thing is too small. On REAL Juicy it takes up the entire space. It's hard to explain without pics to show you. Third, the Hangtags are off. REAL Juicy Never puts just a Color name on a tag. It always has "Velour Fashion" or "Terry Basics" ect... along...
IMO FAKE, Very very Fake. Sorry.
IMO, looks good to me. Seller looks OK.
I found these and I am not sure what they are and if they are worth selling? Any ideas How much should I ask? NWT. What are they called? 1st Pair: 2nd Pair: Thanks for all the help!!!!
I figured it out, It is Seagrass!!! eBay: NEW JUICY COUTURE Terry Cargo Pants SEAGRASS Green L (item 180121544903 end time May-29-07 20:28:38 PDT)
Thanks! I will add them to the mall soon! Quote: Originally Posted by ac421 They are Kiedis Atomic sigs
Thanks! You are sweet! I am Bellsandbabies. I am usually pretty knowlegable , but this pair has gotten me stumped. I wish that Juicy did not have so many like shades of the same color. Thanks!!!
Once again I am new to R&R and need to know what these are called and what I should ask for them. Thanks!!!!
OK, so I am new to Rock & Republic and I am about to list these but I dont know what to call them. What should I ask for them, NWOT? Can someone help me????
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