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IMO, fake
imo, Real. And CUTE!!!!
Sorry so late....Looks good to me too!
neon_utopia Def not a legit seller. The black cargo set looks terrible. They may have sold authentics in the past, but def not now. Do not buy from them! eBay: JUICY COUTURE VELOUR CARGO SET MED PEACOCK (not black) (item 190118001805 end time Jun-04-07 18:43:15 PDT) eBay: JUICY COUTURE VELOUR DOG CARGO SET SMALL BLACK!!!! (item 190117745835 end time May-29-07 01:31:14 PDT) You can PM me if you need to!
Sorry, but the scottie dog sets they have are def fake. Look at the peacock one that ended recently. The size tag was sewn on with Orange thread, same as the tag, not jacket.
That used to happen to me all the time. I take professional pics myself and people mistake them for stock pics. I used to just watermark but found that they would find a way to crop around it. So, I came accross some html that helps. If your interested, pm me and I will send the code. It does not disable anything on the auction page EXCEPT right clicking over the photo's to save. There are some computer geeks that know how to get around that. But at least I have weaned out...
By the way, the stitching on the inside size Orange tag is an obvious sign that it is fake. You really dont need to pick the rest of it apart. I am sure if I looked even closer I could find more problems with it. Sorry
The first picture that I have up of the zipper has a much rounder attatchment AND the piece that connects the J and the Round Part wider in the first picture than the one that you have of the set. I was speaking of the HANG TAGS. The one that says the color Loyal. It is supposed to say "Loyal" And then below that "Velour Fashion". Plus the tags just look fake and low quality. Is this set on Ebay? Have you already purchased it?
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