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IMO...FAKE. The pants tag is sewn all the way accross. I am certain that they are only supposed to be sewn at the top corners.
Looks good to me. I just got a bunch of those styles too so you will be seeing more of those on EBay soon.
OK, I went ahead and did a Buy It Now on #2 and I am going to bid on #1 and pray I get it! I will decide after I get them which one I like better! Wish me luck on winning #1!!!!
I am torn between #1 and #2!!! What if I get both and decide after trying them on? I could always sell the one I dont like??? Hmmmm...
I am bidding on the 1st one now and got outbid. It has about 2 hours left. If I decide to get it, I will bid again. I really like #2 because it kind of reminds me of the old swimsuits that I just love! #3, I am really not sure about that one.....
Which Swimsuit do I get? #1 #2 #3
Here is my guide on How To Spot Fake Juicy Couture. It has New Large detailed photo's! eBay Store - Bells and Babies: How to spot fake Juicy Couture Enjoy!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflymaniac45 Can anyone tell me if this is fake? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1 thanks I would like to add that this in only true for US made Juicy. Juicy manufactured outside the US is sewn on with the same color as the tag. For instance, the poly suits: Or these Poplin pants: Or the Rose Embroidered sets: Or this ruffled tank: All of these are REAL Juicy...
Quote: Originally Posted by MaryClaire IMO I would say that it is almost 100% that Ladybird is selling fakes.....all stolen pictures and the type of stock available that she is selling SCREAMS fakes...ex. the terry capris from 2 seasons (Tyler, Shamrock etc.)and she has full size runs available...just doesn't happen. Secondary sellers like ebayers do not have access to Juicy stock like that...past or present season. I am sorry, but I woud have...
New Posts  All Forums: