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Ok, so I started getting a crazy amount of Unpaid items that are No Longer Registered users. After wondering if there was a connection I started to look into them and compare. What I found was pretty shocking. They All were from China and the all had purchased and received feedback for one item that was only $.01 with free shipping!!! Here are a couple of the users feedback. Take a look at the $0.01 item they purchased: eBay Feedback Profile for...
Eddiepoor is good. Their stuff is real.
You can also go to iOffer: A place to buy, sell & make friends and look up Juicy Couture there. If it's on there, then it is being faked.
The only thing that I have noticed is that the brown around the outside of the pink is wider.
IMO...fake. Tag does not look good. They are on Ioffer from Hong Kong.
Just a couple more..... #1 Joey #2
OK, I have tried to figure out the style, cut and wash of some of these jeans and I am just having so much trouble. There are SO many!! Can anyone help me???? #1 Wash? Cut? Style? #2 Wash? Cut? Style? #3 Wash? Cut? Style? [b]#4 Wash? Cut? Style?/B] #5 Wash? Cut? Style? #6 Wash? Cut? Style? #7 Wash? Cut? Style?
Pants look OK. I need better pics of the top's tag and design.
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