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[edit - please do not solicit sales outside of the mall]
Quote: Originally Posted by jetta_07 I don't care how many positive feedback the seller has, she only has sets in a select few highly faked colors & sizes limited to XS-L...this right here is MAJOR red flags. Anyone on ebay saying they have "paperwork" from Liz Claiborne for their Juicy sets is full of shit. Juicy does NOT sell in sets and does not have contracts with individuals. They only sell to select brick and mortar stores and anyone saying otherwise...
There seems to be too many questions surrounding it. I dont think I will bid. I have a 6 year old and would love to see him in some TR's that match his little brother's rainbow TR's
That is so wrong! Whatever happened to Innocent until proven guilty! What a loser.
Real? TRUE RELIGION LOT 2 RAINBOW/ WOODSTOCK JEANS KID'S SZ 6 - (item 170139137664 end time Aug-16-07 18:00:00 PDT)
If it is made in the US then it should be sen on with the same color as the garment. If it is imported then it is sewn on with the same cor as the tag. I have some closeup pics of tags here: eBay Store - Bells and Babies: How to spot fake Juicy Couture
I have seen a few fakes of the new tags. The fakes tend to sew the "Made in America" tab too far down. And the border around the tag has been a bit too wide. The one that I saw was sewn all the way accross the top but the real ones are sewn at the top corners. Here is a picture of the fake tag:
I just thought I would add my 2 cents. I had this happen about 1 year ago with all of my Juicy Couture items. I have about 100 items pulled. It took a week to clear up. When I called, all I got was "you need to MAIL your proof of purchase and proof of authenticity to us" then they said it could take 30 days to process. I was so upset becuase they said that I could not re-list them because they would just pulled again and if I had too many "violations" they would suspend my...
Doubt it on this one. It looks more like a Scam to me. That is how the scammers get our e-mail addresses so they can send Spam and Spoof. They buy something for $0.01 to get verified then do a BIN. Looks like I have been targeted because I did not block certain bidders. No More! I have now updated my Buyer Requirements. I hate to eliminate certain buyers that may be legit, but this is costing me time and money to deal with.
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