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Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer315 I have to add my lil tribute to Keriacat, if you want good deals on real Juicy visit her ebay store! She is a great person and a wonderful seller! I am wearing a shirt I got from her and I LOVE IT!!!! Awe Thank You!!!
Looks good to me too
My first pair of SFAM:
Quote: Originally Posted by luxdenim Those khaki TRs are so cute!!! My kids must be wierd i found the fleece Joeys come up small Jack wore them from 12-18 months in a size 2, but in the rainbow joeys in a size 2 are still too big on Harry who will be 3 in November I have to belt them they fit in the leg length! I am looking for some size 3's now! I know what you mean. I bought another pair of Joey's on EBay in size 2 and they were way to big....
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed i have no idea why I always thought you had a daughter for some reason. I want one though
My 16 month old in his Rainbow Joey TRs (Bought for $7) and his Kahki Joey TRs ($40) and his TR and COLLEGE T-Shirts:
I just took these today and had to share: These are a size 2 and he is 16 months.
When zipped they are skinny. They were also a size big on her.
I am looking for a size 3 boy or girl any wash. Best price
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