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Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma bellsandbabies. Love her.
Looks good to me
Can't be 100% sure without tag pics, however, their stuff looks good to me.
They dont look real to me.
Yeah, the prices are too high anyway. Thanks!!!
Yep, the Juicy looks good! GREAT DEAL!!!! Too bad our thrift only gets Levi's and K-Mart brands! Never good stuff in my small town.
I feel like I am in Grammar class! Good explanation!
Ok, I have come accross some Ladies Ed Hardy jeans and Hudson jeans. Are they worth selling? If so, is there a certain style that is popular? Thanks for the help!!!
Yep, they have. I have some great pics on my Ebay Store page at Bellsandbabies.
looks good
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