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I just looked at the rest of their auctions and I am pretty sure that all of their items are authentic. The tags look great and even one item had a bloomingdales tag on it. I would feel comfortable buying from them.
Of course you do The black is my favorite because you can wear it with just about anything I sometimes am able to buy an entire rack of one item in different sizes, so by having a lot of one item is not the best indication of authenticity. I would defintely have them send you some up close pics. Thanks for the props on my site!!!
I dont think that they are fake. Jeans are not a widely faked item. They have good feedback and they do guarentee the authenticity. I would still ask them to send you a picture of the inside tags on the pants. Good Luck!!!
I really do appreciate the confidence boost! I work HARD so I will be able to stay at home with my new little addition to come! I am wearing Juicy terry shorts now! My husband loves the fact that I wear juicy pregnant because it shows off my BIG belly!!!! He thinks it is sexy! I am going to be putting my maternity clothes up for auction soon. I dont wear them at all. I pretty much sit around the house in Juicy all day!
http://reviews.ebay.com/Throw-your-m...00000000815750 I wrote this guide also.......
It does feel wierd to pick your baby's birthday!!! I am hoping that it happens naturally early. My actual due date was April 25th. I feel HUGE! If you have any more children, wear Juicy!! I have worn juicy pants, shorts and shirts everyday for this entire pregnancy. I cannot believe that I am 9 months and the most comfy clothes that I wear is not maternity!!!! Anyway, I am ready to get this baby out!
Yes, I am. I had a buyer reccomend that I come here to help me get some info on fake juicy. I put that guide togeather and wanted to elaborate some more and was hoping to get some more ways to spot fakes. I am actually getting ready to have a baby, so I dont have as much up for auction right now. I have trained my husband to help me so while I am out, he can keep it going I am schedueled for a C-Section on April 17th!!! Anyway, I love what I do and I take pride in...
Thanks! I think I will change that on there. I have checked out some of the posts and there are quite a few great Juicy experts out there. I have learned some new things, especially about the stitching of the tags.
http://www.bellsandbabies.com/juicy-...s-Sellers.html Does anyone have any other ways to spot a fake Juicy that I can add to the site???
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