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I like both pairs on you! I want a pair for myself but have not had any luck getting them in 32 for a good price. Has anyone tried the Malik or Joplin jeans?
Sorry so late, but very fake
Please, somebody find me a pair of Uggs in size 8.5 or 9 at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.....
It looks good to me Quote: Originally Posted by beezygal I just received this today. I got it on ebay. I was very convinced that it is the real stuff because I compared the tags with my authentic Juicy clothing. However, right now, I realized that something is kinda off. The crown is slightly fatter than the ones I have. Also, the hanging tag is kinda a bit shiny gold. The quality of the item is very good though. I'm starting to think if it's a REALLY...
I cant tell, but it looks like the tag is sewn on with pink thread?? I really need a closeup pic of the tag in order to authneticate.
I like the shoes, but I need something that can get me up higher or else I am dragging a lot of jean! I just got 2 new pairs of Juicy Jeans and one is wide leg and the other is bootcut. I saw some boots that are a wedge but I was not sure how they would look with jeans??? I tried on about a dozen boots today and got a bit discouraged because they were either really unconfortable or looked wierd! During the summer I normally wear Rainbow sandals and during the winter I am...
Okay, I am a mommy with a 20 month old. I have a growing collection of designer denim, thanks to you guys!!! Well, all of them are a bit too long and I am not wanting to have them hemmed. What shoes do you reccomend I wear with them. Take into consideration I am constantly chasing a litlle guy so I need stability. I have a pair of boots that I wear and they do fine. Post pics of you can
Looks good to me
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