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BlackFriday.info - Black Friday Ads's Photos - Sears Contest | Facebook The Black Friday website held a contest in conjunction with Sears and I entered a photo in the contest! I made a shirt and had him look Cool with his curls and entered it in the contest! I need as many "Likes" in the next 24 hours that I can get! Thanks!!!!!![/b] BlackFriday.info - Black Friday Ads's Photos - Sears Contest | Facebook
Quote: Originally Posted by shoppeaholick Thank you, this was really helpful. I received a top from a friend as a gift and was going to resell it but of course, wanted to authenticate first since I didn't purchase it myself. There were a few things that I had compared to the Juicy items I bought that seemed off the stitching on the label thing was the dead giveaway- that I had not noticed until I read your post. All of my Juicy items have the label...
Ok, now I am worried. I just took pics of the tags and on the Pink tag is says "Dry Clean Only" but there is a little white tag that gives washing instructions! Why would something that is dry clean only come with home washing instructions! Here are the pics of the tags:
Ok, I have gotten several e-mails from customers asking about this. I ordered from Regents Secret sale for the first time ever and now I am being told that their shipment of these Crystal Rock shirts are fake!!! I called their CS and the guy was really nice and assured me that they are not fake and that they are actually the wearhouse for Cristian Audigier. He was very convincing and I believe him. However, the yellow Rasta shirt that I received is different then...
I dont think it is real. The zipper is way off. There have been 2 types of zippers. You can see a clseup pic here: eBay Store - Bells and Babies: How to spot fake Juicy Couture The one on that set is not one... Sorry
Sorry so late....looks good to me too
On the Juicy terry from last summer the "Made In America" tag was sewn directly accross the top. The velours came out in the fall and say "Made In America Of Imported Fabric" and is sewn just below the top of the tag. Looking at your pictures, the pants tag looks as if it is sewn all the ay accross the top. It is supposed to onky be sewn at the top two corners. Also, the black border seems too wide. My guess would be Fake.
Quote: Originally Posted by evetsws When you say those marked as gifts would disappear - do you think it was postal workers keeping the items? What happened to the "gifts"? Well, my suspicion is that they were on to me at certain custom offices that my packages frequent. They probably saw my Ebay name on the package and said "this one wont get through". It is just a guess, but it sure was wierd that all of a sudden I had a problem with packages...
Let me add that 99% of my packages to France get delayed in customs.
I have delt with this exact thing several times and I can tell you from my experience that you are out of luck with the Paypal dispute. You see, Paypal will ONLY find in your favor if the tracking information shows DELIVERED. If it says anything else, like ACCEPTED or IN CUSTOMS, they will not find in your favor and the buyer will get a refund. First Class Internationl is NOT trackable at all. When you ship an item out that way, you are bsically sending it without...
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