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Bump, very open to offers, thanks!
Any interest?  Open to reasonable offers   Thanks!
Looking to Sell 6 Designer T-Shirts together or separately.  Feel free to choose the shirts you like or buy them all together (will give a discount).  All these shirts retailed for around or over $100!    3 NWT Drifter Shirts All Size S. (Light Blue, Light Green, White w/ pink) 1 Blue Drifter (NWOT Quality) Size S 1 White Drifter (NWOT Quality) Size M (Skull) 1 Affliction (NWOT Quality) Size M  (Crow and Hat)     I'm only looking for $45 each for the NWT Shirts and...
Quote: Originally Posted by uprising i think people like myself have started to outgrow them. I guess I have too. I havent bought a pair since I stop comming here and rarely wear my Xros. I wear my Farcos 85ws here and there but thats it. Been wearing PBJs and dry denim when I have the chance. Still, I love to get my hands on farco 772 and 70L lol Would also like to add that after seeing the new Diesels, I personally think they are...
I havent been on this site in years so I've been out of the loop but I'm sure some old timers like myself may still remember me. But why have people been listing entire diesel collections now? Are Diesel crap now or something? I've also noticed a steep decline in prices etc.... Thanks
How about they bring back Farco and X-Rotucks before they bring back Zathan 772....
Quote: Originally Posted by billbonesknows ^agreed, but I don't have the heart to do that to any of my pairs... Haha, maybe I should wear and wash the shit outta my pair and then sell them to you =P
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Make sure your man hair is cleanly shaven if you wear X-Rotucks, the rise is almost non exisitant Thats why X-rotuck is my favorite cut
very hot
I also find slammers to be ill-fitting bit Slammer 71j looks pretty good how does slammer 71j fit compared to good ol' farco 85w?
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