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Congrats!! your baby is so cute
I will be spending nye in northern michigan snowboarding!
(wax/tune kit for my snowboard) (my FAVE) gorillapod giftcards - starbucks, coldstone, etc
Wayne State Univ for BS & MBA...very well known in MI, not so much outside of!
I have my ears, belly button, and cartilage pierced...I want a tragus piercing, but I am still a chicken when it comes to needles!
full time student (mba) I do volunteer work on the weekends...I prepare taxes for low income clients I want to become a CPA...we'll see....
Kate Walsh could be wearing sfam gingers...the rise looks kinda high
looks fake, imo hardware looks cheap C's are wrong bad stitching
I had a fantabulous v-day...roses, dinner, & tiffanys!
I am loving the weather We have had tons & tons of snow here which means I get to go snowboarding!
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