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hey, has anyone here ever bought or tried on a dress by Rachel Pally? my friend wants to buy one from revolve clothing, but she's not sure of her size. there's only a Small left in it, but she thinks she might be an XS. She wears size 25 jeans in Sevens, R&R, TR, etc...sometimes a 26 depending on the brand...if any of this information matters to you. so, does anyone know if Rachel pally is cut big or small? thanks alot!
anyone else have any opinions or words to add? please, i'm like in a total jam..also, on the sizing, if any of you know it to be different from most brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by begret Hi there! I tried those exact Union on at Habit,(local Boutique) , because a girlfriend of mine had them on and they're beautiful! They are a velvety dark wash, nice and long, low in the front, but no buttcrack in back! I had just bought new Antiks and was loathe to spend more money I shouldn't! Anyway, my friend is a24-25 and I am a 28-29, and they looked good on us both, I'm taller longer legs, she"s just plain...
also, at the chance that Frankie B is the winner...my friend wears 25 in stretch jeans and 26 in rigid, so what size Frankie B would she be? 0 or 2?
i have a terrible habbit of removing the tags almost instantly. I have no idea why. I know it ruins the chances of it being returned in most cases, but it's like unwrapping a gift almost. THE TAGS HAVE GOT TO GO.
for my friends birthday, I want to get her a pair of skinny jeans. She's size 25. I ordered the Roxy sevens from RevolveClothing, but they dont ship Sevens to Canada, so they cancelled the order, on the following day, when I got a friend in the states to have them shipped to her first, the pair was already sold. I know it's available on other sites, but I want to use revolve because I don't have much to spend so I wanted to use the 30% off new user coupon. from what...
New Posts  All Forums: