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Yes, I'm alive and well. Good to see some of the OGs are still here! Caucasian? Probably because my eyes are cut out. I did get a semi-decent tan this summer though, haha. Tight jeans Vince? I think I look kinda silly in Thanaz now, lol. So, what's new?
It's been quite the while. Thought I'd drop in to say hello. As you can see, my old WAYWT pic location/setup is no longer... and my pants are not as tight as they used to be, lol.
Your 8GS look sick!
Diesel men onijo 71J 28 X 34 BNWOT zathan zatiny - eBay (item 300192710752 end time Jan-28-08 13:05:04 PST) Onijo 71J 28x34
Whoa, didn't expect that. BIN was only about $400. Bidder screen names look just a tad shady.
I'm 5'9", 155lbs. Got a small and it fits quite nicely. I never wear anything thicker than a tshirt underneath though.
Hrm, your 8GS does look kinda plain. They seem to vary alot from pair to pair. Trade up if you can? 71J looks good.
Diesel Zatiny Jeans - eBay (item 180206517746 end time Jan-20-08 12:15:17 PST) 31x30 Zatiny 8JQ
Diesel Leather " LUPPY" Jacket ( size M ) - eBay (item 290199131505 end time Jan-21-08 18:53:15 PST) CHEAP Black Luppy Medium
Will work for Farco 82M 28x30/32 and Zathan 86T 28x30.
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