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nope the store by me only had black with white stitching, that are similiar to that, plus other with suns, ms groovy, joey, and joey destroyed, and some snake looking kind.and woodstock.
okay post pic when you get them, curious what they look like know.lol.
Can someone pretty please post of pic of these Muddy Waters, my Neiman Marcus last call clearance center had a ton of Tr jeans. I live by a huge outlet mall 10 minutes from me.I need pic though, i don't know that style...
got it ty..
confused were are you getting the http? it copied th ewhole thing writing only showed up not a link..not great on computers..
how do i put an ebay link on here? help please...
I have found the wrong hang tags at the stores on the jeans. I dont think a bad hang tag should mean fake, It should be the jeans that we worry about and get better pictures of. we don't wear the hang tag.I throw mine away.I have seen hang tags all over the floors in dressing rooms in stores. and fake hang tags on real jeans in the stores. Especially in the outlets malls by me.
I bought a refb. Dyson Vacuum and looks brand new and came with a warranty, but i paid half of what it costs brand new, go off of that , you should pay half of the cost of a brand new one. I would rather have refb than like new, like new is used. but what did you pay in comparison to new?
The money laundering might be possible, I see she has an offer, private.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
no freaking way, I would rather go to the stores or buy from well know online store sales. and wait for all the sales and buy in bulk and re sell. at least you can see what you are getting and know you got it. They could take off with that money like bats out of h...,Can't say that word on here.and paypal only covers you for $1,000
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