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anyone wanting to trade their waist 28 19cm MIJ blue raw for a waist 29? let me know
Thanks for all the help, now I just need to trade my MIJ 29 for a 28 lol
If I like the fit of the 19cm then do I go for a waist 27? seeing my thanaz size is a 28
Ok, sizing problem. I'm a true 28 in my diesel thanaz size (all washes incl 71b). I got a pair of coated MII in waist 29, and they fit perfect. However I got a pair of MIJ raws and sized up to 29 and they have stretched a lot, they don't even look like slim jeans anymore. I was under the impression that I needed to size up for the MIJ raws, but I feel like I need to keep my size of 28, or even size down to a 27. What would be the consensus?
which one will provide confirmation of delivery? I'm willing to pay the cost
can you see how much shipping to the US would be for me. I'm very interested
zdenal, will you be willing to get em for me and ship hem to me
are those purple thanaz the 92f fashion pants? and can i order from this site and have it delivered to the US, since this isnt the US yoox? Sorry if that was a dumb question lol
I know Diesel released some thanaz fashion pants for S/S 09, but does anyone have pics or more details? I've searched with no avail.
i guess my taste in high tops/ boots hasn't evolved yet and I'm not ready to take the plunge lol, what do you think of the low top version
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