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most of the prices include shipping within the United States, most charge extra if they are shipped out internationally. This depends on the location of the seller though, I know some members on honestforum are from as far away as Sweden. Hope this helps =)
UPDATE: I GOT MY MONEY BACK!!! Thank you so much to everyone who replied, the information you provided was incredibly helpful. If you want more details: I filed the necessary paperwork with visa (including a timeline of events, printout of my tracking details and a printout of the paypal transaction) and they issued a chargeback fairly quickly. The seller actually had the audacity to try and dispute the chargeback on paypal, but as soon as my paperwork was sent in,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcano I bought a pair of fake jeans from a girl outside of Ebay. I contacted my CC. They asked me to ship the item back to the seller- which I did- however, my seller ALSO provided a fake addy, so they came back to me. My CC allowed me to do a chargeback after that... maybe yours will too? I have tried to start a dispute on paypal and contacted ebay. Unfortunately, because the transaction was completed outside of...
Thank you for the advice everyone! I'm greatly relieved that just because she used a fake address doesn't mean that I will be stuck with this useless bag. I do hope that it comes to a positive resolution at the end. I'm gonna try and ship it back, although i know that it will just come back to me, visa wants to see that I tried to send it back. Keeping my fingers crossed! Again, thanks so much everyone. It's such a relief to hear your great advice/kind words.
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed Where did you purchase the item from? This was through an ebay purchase. I know it's stupid, but she had 100% feedback, albeit a bit small number. Right now, I'm trying to contact the people that she bought stuff from. Hopefully they would be able to give me her address so I can file a suit in small claims court. I'm not sure about the ebay policy about this, would she still be covered even though...
So a few weeks ago, i ordered a suhali le fabuleux from a woman that I thought was reputable. I did all the background research and made sure that the photos she sent me were authentic. I waited with my breath held until I received the bag...and it turned out to be a fake. I tried to start a disput on paypal, but as everyone knows, they dont really concern themselves with the description of the item as long as the item was delivered. I tried to start a dispute with...
Wanna make sure I don't get ripped off, how much would a pair of BNWT Earnest Sewn Fulton Rigid No. XX (Half Selvedge, Japanese Denim) run for on these forums here? Thanks -nick.
No, those are not selvedge.
Quote: Originally Posted by armada well last year i bought a pair of zaf 796 for 120$ and it was size 30x32. But it was on the st-laurent outlet. Last time I went on rue meilleur there were having nothing.So I think it depends... Outlet stores are different from sample sales, and sell items from different sources.
Yeah thought so. These are samples, which means they are usually one-offs and are used as samples to show retailers or to test out new washes/designs etc. This is the reason they only come in 32x32 and size large.
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