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I don't think guys or at least me feel sexy like a woman does? maybe look good but not sexy...maybe because I think the female body is sexy and well the men body is not
gstar shirt with AA thermal and some R&R
no one is probably into dunks and shoes but anyways my nike purple pigeon dunk sb just came in today! yay
I been buying a lot of stuff, so I'll post the rest later! Here are a few jeans i bought: APC raw denim, diesel, and than the rest are R&R. Forgot to post 2 more taylors I bought...oh well
damnnnn JT!!!! and baljite should be number 1!!!! lol
my new R&R taylors and just some morphine generation thermal oh also new camera, and I'm trying to learn to use my dslr ps damnnn my mirror is dirtyyy!
just something to work and i know bad picture monarchy thermal + R&R
i like their new studded tees also, was going to buy some on their site, but they are all sold out of my size
get a fake id....lol
all stereotypes of asians are true...girls are gold diggers and high maintaince and guys have inadequate utensils! why do I have to be asian lol I guess for viet it's because families are real prideful and try to look wealthy to gain respect from other families. And what other way by buying real expensive stuff and throwing it in their face. For example my mom wants me to be a doctor because it's the ultimate respectful job, and completely shutdown my other career...
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